Blog Created!

Hey everyone,

Today marks the start of my journey to explore a different world :) I will use this blog to put down my thoughts, experience and pictures!

Trip Plan-

9th Nov 3:45 - Flight to Bangalore

Stay for 2 days at my uncle place.

11th Nov Morning - Go to Mysore and then to the Infosys Mysore Campus.


6 Responses to “Blog Created!”

  1. Kunal Thorat Says:

    Best of Luck for your journey ………Will miss you….:)

  2. M.S.Pandit Says:

    Wish you all the best. Do well and excel. We miss you … our love is always with you … we propose to visit you in Jan. … Pappa

  3. Aditi Says:

    I know u’ll do great! miss u lots.. hope to see u soon

  4. Anand Says:

    Nice pics…. And Best of luck & be focused ……

    your best pal

    Anand Akella

  5. SURBHI Says:

    Wuhho! Dat rockedd!!

  6. subramanya Says:

    hi Shyam,
    Nice experiences ah. enjoyed watching your experiences. c ya
    with regards
    your cousin
    subramanya hegde

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