A day out with relatives @ Bangalore

I left for the airport at 2, traffic was clear and reached the airport in just 20 mins :) Went there with dad and waited for a while for Prachee to come. Later I checked in my luggage, got my boarding pass and then helped Prachee through the process. There were some issues and we took a looong time and I guess we were among the last few to go in for the security check :P

Spicejet Plane

Reached bangalore about 20 minutes early! I guess we had the clear weather and lower air traffic to thank for that. Unfortunately, my bags handlebar was broken in transit :( My cousin Gajju and a protocol officer were there to welcome me at the baggage conveyor belt area itself. They got someone to wheel the luggage off to the waiting VIP car just outside the airport (special parking ;) ).

In the evening went to Ganpati mama’s house, everyone from RT Nagar was there too. Burst some crackers and had dinner.

Cracker Time!

Vinay with sparklers




Today morning my bag was fixed. Today evening Ill be staying in RT Nagar and tomorrow morning going to the bus stop with Ravi Mama.

Been interesting till now :)

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