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In Hyderabad!

Wednesday, February 6th, 2008

Took an overnight bus trip to Hyderbad and reached today morning at around 7am. I usually never get sleep on bus trips and this trip was no different. Im kinda sleepy now and would probably doze off after writing this blog post (so please excuse me for this short, to the point post with no pics :) )

The trip here was uneventful, reached the city and then took an auto to the guest house. Infosys owns several apartments throughout the city. We are in one in the heart of the city. Basically I am in a 3 bed room apartment (with a proper hall, kitchen which has a microwave, fridge etc., washing machine etc.) with ac’s and tv’s in every room. My friend and I are currently the only ones in this apartment, with two more friends in a similar apartment on the floor below.

The best part is the caretaker who cooks for us (also does housekeeping)! So we get homely food, which tastes great! Had some nice hot rotis, with 2 types of sabzi’s and rice/dal/curd. Is way better than eating at infosys food courts.

The campus here is quite good, although quite far off from where we are staying (our guest house is in the heart of the city). Plan to do lots of site seeing starting tomo and especially over the weekends. We are undergoing Siebel training here, which seems to be quite easy. Our class has a strength of 25, with most people being laterals with many years of experience.

This is the 4th city I have been to in the past 3 months, been an interesting ride, will keep yall updated!

Posted in Pune, on to Hyderabad

Tuesday, February 5th, 2008

I have been in Pune (posted in Pune SEZ) since the 26th of Jan. Came just a day before my birthday :) Am on the bench in Pune.

Am moving out to Hyderabad today evening (an overnight bus trip). We would be having training on a CRM product called Siebel there. Would be spending about a week there and hope to explore the city this weekend!

Will post pics and keep everyone updated!

In Bangalore!!

Sunday, January 13th, 2008

I have been in Bangalore for 2 weeks now (we are continuing our training here). Its been great here, even better accomodation and a much more happening city!

Have checked out many of the malls here and even met my family and relatives here :) Wandering out aimlessly is quite fun too.. found some interesting places cause of that ;)

Pics of my group (with one lecturer in the center who came for a personal effectiveness session) -


Another one -


Some pictures of the Bangalore DC -

The Lotus (Food Court) -

Update.. at long last!

Tuesday, December 25th, 2007

Sorry, for the lack of updates.. just never got around to updating the blog. Life here has been great, lotsa fun and very exciting :)

We are being moved to Bangalore on the 3rd (after the comprehensive exam here) to continue our training there.

Some more pictures of the Infosys Mysore Campus!

The Swimming Pool.. I love lounging here with a soft drink in hand and listening to music :)

Swimming Pool

I also play Snooker and Pool regularly now :)


The Bowling Alley. Like everything on campus, very good quality :)

Bowling Alley

Playing Squash


The campus looks stunning by night.. sadly the camera cant capture the beauty fully..


Till next time!


My Classroom and the Infosys Campus

Sunday, November 25th, 2007

My classroom has 200 people. Each person has their own computer and there are 2 over head projectors. Also some pictures from the building where my classroom is situated (the Global Education Center).




In the next picture you can see construction going on, on another MASSIVE building which will seat 9000 people for training. It will be the next GEC.




One of the three food courts (Food Court-1). Things are very cheap in the campus, and I make it a point to drink milkshakes and juices with every meal. There is CCD, Subway, Dominoes (with room service to hostel room) among others.


Walking to Office (During the first few days) .. Nowadays we just use the cycles to move around.. much quicker and easier. Can pick and any cycle and drop it at any other stand.


Lounging by the pool in the evening.. The campus has all sorts of sports activities under the sun from rock climbing, to tt, tennis, squash, badminton, gym etc.. basically you name it and its there and everything is world class.  I have joined a yoga/meditation/breathing class too conducted by the in-house ‘life coach/counsellor’. I visited the in-house doc too.. and everything is free (movie tickets in the multiplex included) :)

Last week we had gone to the Mysore Palace.. nice place filled with art in every nook and corner. Here is a pic of it all lit up on Sunday.


Hope you liked the pics! I got tons more and I havent even explored much of the campus yet.. keep visiting!

A Visit to the Laundromat

Sunday, November 25th, 2007

Yesterday, we went to the laundromat. Huge place with lots of german machines which do a VERY good job at washing and drying. The drying was so good that the clothes were actually hot after the drying cycle was done. At the top are the dryers and at the bottom are the washers. Quite cheap at 20 Rs. per machine (7kg).



My Hostel Room

Sunday, November 25th, 2007

I finally got shifted to my on-campus accommodation in Infosys yesterday. Here are some pictures!

There are 2 big beds (the pictures only show a part of the room), 2 wardrobes among other things.

There is housekeeping everyday that takes out the trash, clean the rooms and makes the beds.. as a matter of fact.. the guy just came in.. I guess I will post pics of the beds nicely made later. The housekeeping staff does a really good job!




A day out with relatives @ Bangalore

Saturday, November 10th, 2007

I left for the airport at 2, traffic was clear and reached the airport in just 20 mins :) Went there with dad and waited for a while for Prachee to come. Later I checked in my luggage, got my boarding pass and then helped Prachee through the process. There were some issues and we took a looong time and I guess we were among the last few to go in for the security check :P

Spicejet Plane

Reached bangalore about 20 minutes early! I guess we had the clear weather and lower air traffic to thank for that. Unfortunately, my bags handlebar was broken in transit :( My cousin Gajju and a protocol officer were there to welcome me at the baggage conveyor belt area itself. They got someone to wheel the luggage off to the waiting VIP car just outside the airport (special parking ;) ).

In the evening went to Ganpati mama’s house, everyone from RT Nagar was there too. Burst some crackers and had dinner.

Cracker Time!

Vinay with sparklers




Today morning my bag was fixed. Today evening Ill be staying in RT Nagar and tomorrow morning going to the bus stop with Ravi Mama.

Been interesting till now :)

Blog Created!

Thursday, November 8th, 2007

Hey everyone,

Today marks the start of my journey to explore a different world :) I will use this blog to put down my thoughts, experience and pictures!

Trip Plan-

9th Nov 3:45 - Flight to Bangalore

Stay for 2 days at my uncle place.

11th Nov Morning - Go to Mysore and then to the Infosys Mysore Campus.